Read below about bengal behavior and see if a bengal is for you!
Bengals are very active, intelligent and inquisitive.   If you think a Bengal is going to be a lap cat or a
stuffed animal with a heartbeat, you are in for a surprise.  Most Bengals are not lap cats.  A small
number of them will sit  with  you perhaps for a bit.  They are too busy to stop and smell the coffee.

They are serious players and no toy last too long.  Their favorite toys are anything dangling from a
string (ie. plastic lizards, birdies or feathers).  If you are not holding the other end of toy,  the
Bengal will tear the string in two seconds flat.  He will proceed to pluck the feathers and eat the legs
of the plastic lizard.

They love to play with water, it doesn't matter if it's clean or dirty or where it's at,  kitchen sink,
bath tub or even the toilet.  Some of them might even go in a pool or take a shower with  you.

I had taught all my other cats to stay  off counters and dinner table, but with Bengals it has proven
effective on some and not on others.  Water pistols don't work.  For some,  a small pop up umbrella,
stopped a girl from jumping on the dinner table and landing on the dinner plate.  Now she just climbs
on the other side of the table and creeps forward slowly.  The behavior was not deterred but
certainly  was  improved.  Now,  I keep a tablecloth where they can walk on and when I am going to
set the table, I  simply change the tablecloth.  Problem solved.

A Bengal can be very talkative and will continue until he gets what he wants.   Some of them will follow
you like a dog.  They are strong and muscular, with large paws so they need a sturdy scratching post
where they can fully stretch.  They also like to chew, so paper is not safe.  Toilet paper is a favorite
and stealing food is another favorite. So keep bills and  toilet paper out of reach in cabinets and
drawers.  If your Bengal learns to open the cabinet or drawers ( they will pull everything out of the
drawer), I suggest bungi cords, they do wonders!   When buying furry mice, buy them by the dozen,
they tend to disappear and not be found until you pack your house to move or after a serious spring

They are messy with their litter,  some like to flip the litter box,   pile all the litter on 1 side, or simply
get in the litter box and keep their head in the center of the litter box while the other end is hanging
on the outside.  Therefore, get big litter boxes (remember, Bengals are long) and deep ones with
high sides.

Bengals are fearless,  they jump amazing heights, they persevere at a challenge for the sole purpose
of solving it (ie.  latches & cabinet doors).  Nighttime is their favorite time and they will run at full
speed, jump,and perhaps,  knock things over. When all is done,  they will sleep with their owner.   They
will accept everyone in the family,  including  the family dog but they will particularly sleep with 1
family member (dog not excluded).

So, if you have been amused by these antics,  then a Bengal is for you.  If you have been horrified, the
Bengal is not for you,  consider a Persian or a Ragdoll!